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Company profile

Airtopsoft is an independent software company developing, maintaining, and selling AirTOp: the new generation of gate-to-gate, airspace, ground and terminal modeler.

AirTOp is the unique fast-time simulator on the market capable of simulating together airport (airside and terminal) movements, TMA/TRACON / en route movements and ATC controllers, as well as flow management and 4D TBOs (Trajectory Based Operations) – all of which are used within SESAR and NextGen concepts.

Our customers consist mainly of ANSP’s, airport authorities, airlines, research labs and consulting companies globally.

The AirTOp interface has been specifically designed to reduce the time needed to set up and debug fast-time simulations, in order to achieve faster results and better cost efficiencies. With its forward-thinking approach, AirTOp allows scenario editing, simulation execution, debugging, reporting and simulation analysis through one single sophisticated interface which includes highly interactive 2D maps and 3D views.