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Airside Vehicle Movements

AirTOp allows simulations of all common airport ground vehicles:

•    Tugs
•    Buses
•    Refueling trucks
•    Catering trucks
•    De-icing trucks
•    Refueling pumps
•    Baggage tractors
•    Baggage trailers
•    Water trucks
•    Lavatory trucks
•    Cleaning trucks
•    Stairs



With or without tug modeling, AirTOp can be used to model and evaluate different tug usage strategies (e.g. push/pull, close to or far from the runway lining, enabling late(r) engine start), and to compare them, considering, among other things: fuel consumption, emissions, delays, duration of use and distance covered.

Key benefits

AirTOp models aprons and taxiways and gives you an in-depth understanding of potential bottlenecks when you plan a reorganisation of your airport, increase capacity or introduce new processes or equipment.

The high-fidelity modelling of all ground handling equipment, vehicles and aircraft behaving correctly in terms of processes, rules and speeds, will help you avoid wrong investments or expectations in terms of future capacity and delay. Furthermore, alternative solutions can easily be built and validated.

Comparison between scenarios, such as with/without CDM, can be modelled and benefits of CDM implementation quantified.

The perfect visualisation of model components makes it easy to explain scenarios and the validation outcome to all stakeholders, also people that are not experts in airport operations.


A customizable event log can be easily created by the user and exported to Excel files or an SQL database for external specific analysis. Events can be related to any action taken by a ground vehicle. Examples: tug connection, disconnection, pushing back …. Each event can be logged, together with information related to the current status of the aircraft they are servicing.

Ground vehicle delays are measured accurately per vehicle and can be logged at different times.

Delays can be then collected for all airports, for movement to/from one or more airport apron(s), or even for one or more portions of a taxiway.

Stopped time duration

Stopped time duration



Ground fuel burned and emissions of ground vehicle engines can be accurately modeled for all phases of the vehicle (moving, stopped, operating,…).

Built-in event plotting, and statistics queries and displays are available and ready to use. Statistics can be reported at the level of an airport, apron(s), or portion(s) of taxiways.

Ground delay plot

Ground delay plot