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Acquisition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First published: 4 June 2018

Last updated: 4 June 2018

Who has acquired Airtopsoft?

Airtopsoft SA has been acquired by the Belgian affiliate company of Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design and analysis software, headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and with offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, India, China and now Belgium.

Since 1991, Transoft Solutions has developed innovative and specialized software for transportation professionals. The company’s expansive portfolio of aviation, road and site design solutions is used by over 40,000 users, including airport operators, civil aviation authorities, airlines, aviation consultants and manufacturers, in more than 130 countries. Transoft Solutions has remained committed to providing best-in-class customer support through its offices around the globe, enabling professionals to design with confidence.

For more information on Transoft’s range of aviation solutions, visit www.transoftsolutions.com/airport-infrastructure.


What will happen with Airtopsoft?

Airtopsoft will continue operating as a standalone company, managing key operations from its office in Brussels, Belgium. The Airtopsoft team will continue to develop, maintain and manage its airspace and airport modelling product AirTOp, under the leadership of Thierry Salvant, Airtopsoft’s founder.


What does this mean for Airtopsoft customers?

We strongly believe that the acquisition by Transoft Solutions provides you, our customers, with the following benefits:

  • Our shared vision, combined expertise, and extended resources provide the platform to invest in more research and development and enhance our existing products
  • Access to an extended network of offices around the globe will allow us to provide focused, best-in-class, personalized customer care and service
  • The continued involvement of Airtopsoft’s founder, Thierry Salvant, and the rest of the AirTOp team, ensures a stable platform for continued growth and development


What will happen to my existing license?

AirTOp will continue to be developed, maintained and enhanced by Airtopsoft under the leadership of Airtopsoft’s founder, Thierry Salvant, and the familiar team you have come to trust. Customers with a valid maintenance contract will continue to receive all the same benefits, including product updates and customer support via telephone and email.


Can I still purchase Airtopsoft products?

Yes, Airtopsoft products continue to be available from Airtopsoft and its channel partners. Please continue to contact your existing Airtopsoft sales representative to assist you, or visit www.airtopsoft.com for contact information.


Can I still renew my maintenance contract?

Yes, you can renew your maintenance contract and be assured that you will continue to receive the same high quality of customer care and service that you have always received from Airtopsoft.

To enable Airtopsoft to focus on product development and support from its base in Brussels, future customer billing will be handled by Transoft Solutions on Airtopsoft’s behalf. For customers, this means that future invoices, including for maintenance renewal will come from the Transoft Solutions group company operating in your region.


Should I continue to call Airtopsoft customer support?

Yes, Airtopsoft customers should continue to use existing Airtopsoft contacts for support, professional services and sales to address immediate and ongoing needs.


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