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Sep 2 2019

AirTOP User Conference 2019 |

This year’s user conference will be organized by AERTEC and held in Malaga, Spain from 11 to 13 September.

All AirTOP users are very welcome to join us!

If you haven’t signed up already, please feel free to get in contac with us at info@airtopsoft.com to book your seat.

Dec 15 2017

Visit us at the 2018 World ATM Congress in Madrid. Stand 1195.

Dec 8 2017

WIZer ACC (real-time Air Traffic Complexity Assessment Tool) deployed at AZANS (AZ).

The new AirTOp WIZer module providing real-time Air Traffic Complexity Assessment has been successfully deployed in the new AZANS flow management ops room

Sep 1 2017

WIZer ACC deployed in all German ACCs by DFS between 2018 and 2020

DFS has decided the deployment of the WIZer ACC system in all German ACCs, to be used by supervisors and FMPs as real-time Air Traffic Complexity Assessment Tool.

Mar 1 2017

Airtopsoft has released the first version of the AirTOp Runway Capacity Analyzer module.

This new AirTOp module allows the assessment of existing and future runway system capacity, taking into account existing demand / schedules, or demand defined as fleet mix percentages (wake turbulence %, departure / arrival %, relatve % of demand per time steps etc..

Jan 26 2017

The next AirTOp user conference will be hosted by Fraport from Nov 1st and 3rd 2017.

Feb 9 2017

Visit us at the 2017 World ATM Congress in Madrid. Stand 1199.