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Airport Modeling

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Unique rule-based gate-to-gate fast-time simulator


Multi-agent based modeling

  • better capture of controller roles, tasks (ATC and airport controllers, flow managers, airport authorities, aircraft operator centers etc.)
  • accurate and customizable measure of controller workload demand

Integrated table and map-based application

  • scenario editing, project check & debug, simulation run and playback, reporting all in one single application
  • external format import support (CSV, Spreadsheet, AIXM, GASEL, etc.)

Integrated reporting

  • includes hundreds of built-in reports
  • allows custom reporting and plotting
  • easily export reports into SQL database or csv files

Open, modular and extensible

  • write custom extensions using the AirTOP Development suite
  • reduces operational costs and enhancement delays

Single graphical user interface

Simulation scenario editing, and debugging are arguably two of the most time-consuming tasks when performing studies using fast-time simulation tools.

The AirTOP interface has been specifically designed to reduce the time needed to set up and debug simulations, in order to achieve faster results and better cost efficiencies. With its forward-thinking approach, AirTOP allows scenario editing, simulation execution, debugging, reporting and simulation analysis through one single sophisticated interface which includes highly interactive 2D and 3D views.

This approach allows the user to instantly create, import or modify scenarios. It also enables the early detection of input errors or unwanted behavior while executing the simulation and making corrections / modifications on the fly.

Integrated 2D map and 3D views

AirTOP uses a powerful graphical user interface featuring an easy-to-use integrated map-based application. This application contains full GIS capabilities, allowing flexible background display of scanned maps, aeronautical charts or vector data, weather data, satellite images and elevation data.

The multi-layered and interactive 2D visualization features easy-to-use navigation controls, as well as data creation and editing on the fly. With a single mouse click, the user can visualize the data entry on the map and on the information display simultaneously, paving the way for efficient data modification and scenario editing.

Facilitated by easy-to-use navigation controls, the 3D view gives the option to overlay satellite images or charts on top of terrain elevation data. It also makes it possible to see the simulation through custom camera viewpoints.

Extensible and customizable through API

AirTOP has been designed as a multi-agent application to accurately capture all controller tasks and behavior, as well as all concepts or objects they can interact with or manipulate. This unique feature ensures greater application robustness and more accurate simulations, as well as the capability to drastically reduce enhancement and delivery cycles, speeding up the development process.

Those capabilities give AirTOP customers a competitive advantage, since AirTOP will integrate future or customer-specific ATC concepts much faster than any other tool on the market.

AirTOP supports the modeling and rule-based interaction of the following actors:

  • Radar Controllers (En-route, TMA);
  • Airport Controllers (Apron, Taxiing, Tower, etc);
  • Aircraft Operator Centers (Airlines);
  • Traffic Flow Managers (ATFM).

Project Management Support

The project management tool allows the user to define scenario variants while avoiding data duplication. It includes functionalities such as ‘new’, ‘open’, ‘close’, or ‘validate project‘, to help the user to be in constant control of the study scenarios.

AirTOP also includes advanced data filtering and thematic display, such as choice of colors, line styles etc., based on any combination of object attributes (IF/AND/OR).