Technical support

Our technical support personnel are always well informed of new product functionality and issues can be quickly resolved. The quickest way to get help from our support team is to send an email to from the link below.

Maintenance Assurance Program

With our Maintenance Assurance Program (MAP), you receive premium assistance for all your technical needs. Subscribing to the MAP gives you freedom from costly upgrades, unexpected staff downtime, or any disruptions due to operating and system conflicts without the concern of per incident charges.

MAP subscriptions are available and can be applied to an existing product license.


For a low annual cost, a MAP subscription allows our clients to enhance the value of their software investment with access to the latest releases and services that can help improve project workflows. Being on MAP gets you:


  • Access to free software version updates
  • Free software updates with priority notifications sent to you directly
  • Avoid cost fluctuations and lengthy approval processes for updates by incorporating a fixed annual maintenance fee to your budget


  • Priority tech support via telephone or email with unlimited help requests
  • Receive news of upcoming updates before the general public


  • Advanced notification of new software update releases
  • Operating system change assistance from our Technical Support Department
  • Access to all software demos and recorded, online presentations
  • E-Newsletters sent directly through email


Airtopsoft offers a flexible licensing solution to help small, sole proprietorships right on up to the largest multinational organizations meet their needs in the most efficient manner possible. Airtopsoft software uses dongle licensing technology that allows for ease of deployment and flexibility to upgrade at anytime. 


A network license allows everyone within an office location with a connection to the license server to access the software. Network licenses are not tied to a particular workstation or user. Multiple network license seats can be purchased and a license server keeps track of how many licenses are in use at one time. When an Airtopsoft software on a network license starts, it first checks to see if a network license is available to use. If so, a license is then checked out from the pool of licenses. When a user exits the application, the license gets checked back into the pool making it available to other users.

The Advantages of a Network License

  • Network licensing simplifies software asset management because the licenses are resident on license managers instead of on each of the workstations across the network.
  • Licenses are available to all workstations connected to the license server.